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Installation, 2016 Majoongmool Art Market, Kimreeaa Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

Blood gushing

Video, Photography

Distorted Connection

Installation, 2015 Gwanghwamun International Art Fest at Sejong Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea)



controlled, uncontrolled

Installation,  Postgraduate Show 2013 at Chelsea College of Arts (London, UK)

controlled, uncontrolled

Installation, Interim show at Chelsea College of Arts (London, UK)

Cloudy Relation

Photography & Video, Wang-san Beach  (Incheon, Korea)

Hommage of Avangarde

Photography & Video, On the highway (Incheon, Korea)

 Thanks to SONICK & Kyung-sang

Alternative+psychedlic+post modernism


No friends

Photography (Incheon, Korea) 

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